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Do you remember the time when you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? Do you remember the joy you and countenance you had at that point of time? Do you even remember WHY?

Sometimes, we get too preoccupied in life that we put this aside. This semester, we're all set to ROFL. No, we're not going to roll on the floor laughing but instead we'll Rediscover Our First Love - Jesus. Join us as we embark on this journey as we ourselves would want to rediscover this.

We'd appreciate it if you would come on board with us and let the ultimate pilot of our lives to bring us home to Him.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Time Is It?

It's break time!

Yes, people! CF is officially on a break for about 2 months till next year. Please take note of that okay? We will miss all of you for this 2 months.

For those who are doing their CO-OP, God bless you in your work. Enjoy your work! As for those who are still ahveing classes every day, God bless you in your exams and studies.

Do keep in touch with one another and don't forget to visit this site from time to time.

As for now, let's not forget some of the wonderful things God has done for us. Let me leave you with some awesome creation by our God!

It just left me in awe. Enjoy~

A short reminder: CF Annual Dinner will be on as planned on November 8. To those who still intend and interested to go do let Kelvin (012-2079363) or Nally (012-6011719) as soon as possible.
Enjoy your holidays!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving cum Wedding Lunch

Last Week on Jessica and Jeremy, after all the troubles and problems they've been through, they are finally together again and they actually got married to each other. It's such a nice thing to see them getting married and exchanging their vows both promising each other their faithfulness.

This week, we would be having Thanksgiving or if you want to call it the wedding lunch for Jessica and Jeremy. As usual, we will have thanksgiving for the last meeting of CF (everybody say Awwwhhh!).
Anyways, here goes:


Remember to come and join us for a fun time of fellowship with each other. There will be food definitely. See ya there!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

You're Cordially Invited...

Previously on If Only, Jessica faced a lot of trouble and when she looked for help from her other boyfriends, none of them were willing to help her until she saw Jeremy's number and called him. Jeremy was more than willing to help her. Ahhh, how sweet!

This week, something interesting is up!

I'm sure all of you have received this flyer:


Remember to come for this special event to know the latest happenings of Jessica and Jeremy.

You Are Cordially Invited

Time: 1p.m.
Date: October 10, 2008
Venue: C115

Thursday, October 02, 2008

UCSI CF Annual Dinner 2008

This might be just one of the most exciting event coming your way:

Reunion Dinner copy
(click to enlarge)

Calling to all CF members, ex-CF members or even CF members to be! This annual dinner/formal dinner/reunion dinner is specially arranged for you. It is a fantastic event where the new meets the "older" ones and start up the bonding session ala your-style.

For just RM55, you get to enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner at the ever beautiful Bukit Jalil Resort. Come as a member of CF to join us for a wonderful time of fellowship.

What are you waiting for again? Sign up for tickets immediately to secure yourself a space simply by:
Calling: Kelvin 012-2079363
Nally 012-6011719
send a mail:

We'll be waiting for you! Don't forget to sign up before the closing date: October 17, 2008

You'll surely be blessed!