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Do you remember the time when you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? Do you remember the joy you and countenance you had at that point of time? Do you even remember WHY?

Sometimes, we get too preoccupied in life that we put this aside. This semester, we're all set to ROFL. No, we're not going to roll on the floor laughing but instead we'll Rediscover Our First Love - Jesus. Join us as we embark on this journey as we ourselves would want to rediscover this.

We'd appreciate it if you would come on board with us and let the ultimate pilot of our lives to bring us home to Him.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


God has asked us to put down our burdens and follow him and be Christlike in his image. So are all of you willing to be just like Him? Come to CF this Friday as we invite a speaker to share on this topic to help us have a better understanding of it. Hope to see you there !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello again everyone ! For those who went for the hiking activity last week, i hope you all had tons of fun climbing hills with other CF-ers ! As for those who didn't join in, i hope you had a good day off and had some good rest. =) This week, CF is back on with a new topic for the week, PRAYER. we'll be touching on how important prayer is to Jesus and the attitudes of prayer. Come and join in the fun while learning more about God !

Hope to see you all there !

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Welcome Back !

Hello everyoneee !!! The new semester has finally started ! And with that, starts a whole new semester for the Chirstian Fellowship too ! Hope all of you did well in your finals and had a wonderful and fun holiday !! I know i did ! :D

So, this semester we will be keeping to the same Theme which is Personal Renewal In Christ Everyday (P.R.I.C.E.). But we will be going deeper and a little more intense compared to last semester. Don't freak out and stop coming to CF okay ! It's not that serious, we'll be having tons of fun ! =))

Anyways, for this upcoming Friday, we'll be touching on the topic of Worship. What do you really understand about the word WORSHIP ?? Is it just about playing instruments and singing praises to God ? Well, come to CF this Friday and we'll all find out together as an invited speaker shares his knowledge and understanding of the meaning of worship with all of us.