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Do you remember the time when you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? Do you remember the joy you and countenance you had at that point of time? Do you even remember WHY?

Sometimes, we get too preoccupied in life that we put this aside. This semester, we're all set to ROFL. No, we're not going to roll on the floor laughing but instead we'll Rediscover Our First Love - Jesus. Join us as we embark on this journey as we ourselves would want to rediscover this.

We'd appreciate it if you would come on board with us and let the ultimate pilot of our lives to bring us home to Him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True Colours

Hey people, Finals is like starting in two weeks time. Oh no, 2 weeks? Guess those who have yet to study or are still slumbering better get your gears running though.

Anyways, we are coming to a close to our CF meetings this Friday. Yes people, this Friday is officially our last meeting for this semester. But no worries, we will still have our regular meetings next semester.I know you guys are sad and all, but everything must have an ending right? Guess what? We are going to have an awesome ending for this semester. We are going to have thanksgiving this Friday. There will be food, drinks and excitements. Lets give thanks to God who has been so graciously blessing us throughout this semester .

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends along this Friday. Let us have a fun time having fellowship and praise God together.

This time it will be on

23th July, Friday
Reading Area, Block A, UCSI South Wing.

Official Poster for the Musical

Poster Full

Yes, full details are finally out! Haven't we teased you guys enough?

Please mark your calenders, block your dates and start inviting all your friends to come for one of UCSI's biggest event of year 2010.

You don't have to be a student of UCSI to be a part of this event. Bring in all your friends, families, from young to old. You guys are most welcomed. 

Remember these:

29th July, 2010 (Thursday)


MPH, UCSI University, North Wing

If you have any sorts of enquiries, feel free to call:
Kelvin (012-207 9363)
or email him at:

Can't wait!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer & Reflection

Do you believe our God is a Great God and can do mighty things through normal people like you and me in our campus? Have we forgotten how great His love is towards each and everyone of us?

Let's be reminded again and challenged as we take this time to pray, remembering even the upcoming CF Musical which is just around the corner. Even as this semester comes to a close, let's look back and reflect upon our walk with Him. As everyone is busy rushing for assignments and even preparing for the musical, let us never forget why we are doing it. May our hearts never miss God in everything we do.

Monday, July 05, 2010

What'cha doing?

How does it feel to know that you are being stalked or being watched 24/7? I am not talking about a stranger stalking you or some lunatic following you wherever you go. NO, I am talking about God, who is constanly 24/7 observing us in everyday of our lives. What we do, what we say, where we go are being observed by Him. He does not only stalks us, He protects and bless us as well.

It is written in the bible that God is omnipresent, which simply means He is everywhere. Would He be proud of what you are doing in your life? Are you living a good testimony to your friends and family, or are you straying away from Him?

So do find out what does it mean to have someone like God watching over us everyday in our lives. Let us find out if He is even proud of our actions, our testimony, and our example to people around us. What are you waiting for? Bring your friends along to this weeks session of What'cha Doing?

9th July, Friday
C409, UCSI Block C, South Wing.