Welcome to UCSI Christian Fellowship's blog! Here, you can find the news and activities related to our past and coming semesters!

Do you remember the time when you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? Do you remember the joy you and countenance you had at that point of time? Do you even remember WHY?

Sometimes, we get too preoccupied in life that we put this aside. This semester, we're all set to ROFL. No, we're not going to roll on the floor laughing but instead we'll Rediscover Our First Love - Jesus. Join us as we embark on this journey as we ourselves would want to rediscover this.

We'd appreciate it if you would come on board with us and let the ultimate pilot of our lives to bring us home to Him.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Heyo peeps!

It's once again the time for CF to come to the end of the semester. Of course, with all the good things that has happened this semester, we ought to give thanks. So, it's time for Thanksgiving.


There'll be food, there'll be dessert, there'll be fellowship, there'll be FUN. Come for yourself to know and enjoy a time of makan and fellowship with us. Be sure to be there!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grand Finale

As we all know it, everything must come to an end.

As for UCSI CF, it WILL NOT come to an end! The semester will be over soon, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you this week's CF meeting, Grand Finale, in where we will sum up all our past sessions that we had this semester. It's like taking a trip back in time...

Anyways, do come for this week's meeting, and bring your friends along as well!

24th July, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gossip Central

"Psst... have you heard about it yet? I heard that Lam is actually a very FAT person!!! Underneath that shirt are layers and layers of fat..."

Ever gossip-ed before? Or heard a gossip yourself? Let's face it, gossips takes place no matter where you are. At any given moment, there would be someone sharing a gossip with another person. Gossip is not only limited to Gossip Girl, but also in our daily lives.

Do YOU gossip? Do YOU want to listen to gossips?

We are not encouraging gossiping in CF, but do come to this Friday's CF meeting in C406, 1 pm, 17th July to find out more about GOSSIPS this week at GOSSIP CENTRAL!

Once again:
17th July, Friday,
1pm, C406

Bring your friends along!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At Your Service RECAP!

Hey everybody!!!

A million apologies for not updating you guys with the recaps. Unfortunately we were too caught with work... we will try our best to recap ok???

Anyways, no pictures this time... sorry for that. Last week for CF we had At Your Service at C406. In the midst of mid term (and post mid term), 38 of you guys showed up! Great job everyone who showed up! Mid terms cannot stop us...

We had the usual breakdown of worship, announcement and sharing. Worship was led by first time worship leader Keng Cheng *clap clap clap* as well as the worship team *clap clap clap too!*.
We couldn't stress the importance to attend Prayer Meetings and CGs, both on Wednesdays at 4 to 6 pm and 11am to 1pm respectively, so please do come for it! We also made an announcement for CF CAMP!!! I'm sure all of you would be looking forward to this camp. I know it's gonna be awesome, and I know that you know that it will be as well! Click HERE for more details!

So anyways, back to the recap. Last week, Lam and Nally shared with us the various areas of service and servanthood to Him and how burnouts and serving Him for the fame and reputation could harm us. Indeed, we need to balance out our service to Him, give it our best shot and yet at the same time keep reminding and checking ourselves so that we are not too burned out of ourselves and not doing it for the sake of doing it, or serving Him for the fame and the title.

Each of us would differ from one another, that's how God made us to be. One man's meat is another man's poison. There are no sure ways of guaranteeing ourselves that we won't be burned out and we won't fall into the temptations of serving Him for the sake of glorifying ourselves instead of God, but the one thing that we could do is to gauge ourselves constantly spiritually and to always rely on God's direction and His ways and not ours.

So that was last week's CF meeting. Do check out the next post for the coming CF meeting!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

At Your Service

Servanthood is natural for us as we develop our walk with Him.
But for most of us, temptations and burnouts will halt our progress and our service unto Him. Some of us are serving for the wrong purpose, and some of us are dragging our feet on the ground because of how tired we are.

So how do we cope with these issues? Come and join us this FRIDAY, July 10th 2009 at C406, 1pm onwards to discuss on how we can be efficient and be effective at His service.